Block Party Trailer

The Block Party Trailer is a ministry tool available to all member churches of the Southeastern Baptist Association. The trailer and all of its contents may be reserved by any SEBA church by filling out the form below.

Presently, our block party includes:

  • A commercial size bounce house complete with blower and stakes. To see a picture of our bounce house, click here
  • Tables and chairs
  • Snowcone machine
  • Cotton candy machine
  • Barbeque grill
  • Canopy
  • Carnival games

Churches who use the bounce house MUST agree to and comply with all policies of the block party trailer as defined below. Moreover, they must certify that they have watched the safety training video for the bounce house and comply with all safety regulations. As stated in the Bounce House Policy, churches must supply a letter of insurance coverage to SEBA prior to checking out the block party trailer if the bounce house is to be used. This is to comply with SEBA's insurance policy requirements.

Policies for Block Party Trailer Use
1.  The Block Party Trailer may be used only by member churches of the Southeastern Baptist Association. It may not be used for personal use.
 2.  The Block Party Trailer and equipment will be under the management of the SEBA staff and the Evangelism and Outreach team.
 3.  The Block Party Trailer and equipment will be scheduled on a "first come first serve" basis by contacting associational staff and submitting required forms.
 4.  The church must have a current copy of proof of liability insurance with the association before picking up the trailer.  The church must supply a copy of this document to SEBA prior to pickup of the trailer.
 5.  In order to use the Block Party Trailer and equipment, the church must have two people who have received training provided by the association.  These persons will be directly responsible for overseeing the set up, usage, clean-up, and return of the trailer and equipment.
 6.  The Block Party Trailer and equipment must be picked up and returned promptly and clean.
 7.  The Block Party Trailer and equipment is not to be used for fund-raisers.
 8.  A $100.00 deposit is required upon pickup of the trailer. This deposit will be retained by SEBA and serve as all future deposits for the block party trailer provided that the trailer and its contents are returned in full to the association (at its designated pickup/drop off location) and provided that everything was returned clean and undamaged. The user agrees to reimburse or replace any of the contents that are damaged or missing, with the exception of what is noted on the Check Out Form.
 9.  Churches desiring use of the block party trailer must fill out and return the Block Party Trailer Check Out Form.  This information is essential in discovering the effectiveness of the trailer and for providing information on any equipment needs.  This form can be downloaded from our website.
 10.  The Block Party Trailer must be used as a unit.  Individual equipment usage is prohibited.
11. The user of the Block Party Ministry Trailer assumes full responsibility for the trailer and its content
from pick up to its return.
12.The users agree to have the content clean, dry, and ready for use by the next organization.
13. Any accidents or injuries must be reported verbally and in writing to SEBA staff immediately.
If these responsibilities are not met, the organization may lose rights to use the trailer.

Updated 5/4/2017

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